Monday, March 7, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Remember when we all gathered around our television sets in awe and wonder as our NASA astronauts blasted off for outer space?  And then we tuned in at every opportunity to make sure all was well and that they would land safely.  How many people today are even aware that the space shuttle Discovery is leaving the space station for the last time today?  How many even knew it was up there?
I saw a small blurb about the Discovery's final journey on the evening news the day it took off... nothing like the 24 hour coverage space travel used to receive and I came across an online article about it leaving the space station this morning.
Unfortunately, I think our general apathy regarding this event -- and many others -- is a sign of where our world is going.  Why is it that a spoiled rich brat who happens to be in the movies makes headlines when she "borrows" a necklace makes major headlines... people are following it on twitter... etc. etc. but the fact that an entire team of patriots is risking their lives doesn't even cause a ripple in the media?

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