Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Create-a-Bed Sew Along...

Since I've been on sewing room hiatus due to busy schedule sydrome, I haven't felt much sense of accomplishment lately.  So I've decided to get motivated.  As I've mentioned previously, my youngest daughter has recently moved into a new home.  Her "baby" is now ready to move into her big-girl bed as well, so her two girls will be sharing a room.  To help get the room all prettied up, I've decided to start a Create-a-Bed project that will end up with twin-size matching beds for my granddaughters.  I'd like to invite you along for the ride.   The first steps of the Sew Along will be posted tomorrow at I'm going to create from the ground up so I'm going to start with a bed skirt, then a quick quilt and also shams. 

Where Does The Time Go?

Things have been so busy!!!  I spent some time with my daughter's family as they moved from town into the country -- the fulfillment of a major dream for both her and her hubby.  The four children are loving it too, of course.  They actually did all the work, I just played with the kids while they worked.  Then I came home and it was time for those pesky 50+ physicals for both me and my husband.  I think we spent two weeks going to and from the doctor and getting all those screenings taken care of.  We both have a clean bill of health though.  Don't have to go through that for another 5 years!  Spent some quality time with my mom. She retired last May and we have gotten to spend so much fun time together since then.  And suddenly the holidays are upon us!  I spent Thanksgiving with one of my other daughters and we stayed over so she and her husband could do the Black Friday thing.  Better them than me!  They came home tired and full of fun stories about their shopping foray.  My evening quilt guild had their Christmas party last night.  We all met at a local restaurant and did a gift exchange.  It was a great time.  My daytime quilt guild -- yes, I go to two meetings a month with two different groups of women -- are having their Christmas party next week so I'm looking forward to that.\

With all of this activity, my poor sewing machine has not been getting much of a workout.  I manage to spend some time in my studio everyday, but not enough to really accomplish much. So -- on to some serious sewing this week!  I'll keep you posted now that I'm getting back into the old sewing chair.

I have a great idea for a Christmas project and I'm working up the patterns today.  I'll share them as soon as I get them tweaked!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside...

This song was actually playing on my radio when I woke up this morning... and guess what?  Baby, it's cold outside!!!  We're supposed to get our first snow sometime in the next 24 hours.  I'm not complaining.  We usually have complete ground coverage by now so I've enjoyed the longer autumn that mother nature has given us, but we must get ready for reality up here in the great white north of northwestern Minnesota.  So -- to celebrate the coming of winter, I've posted the remaining blocks of my Let It Snow-Man! quilt.  Yep -- you read it right!  I've posted all of the blocks and even included a Bonus Block! Go to to download the patterns.  Here are pictures of the remaining blocks.  I will be posting the finishing instructions for the quilt soon!
Giggling Snowman

Mardi Gras Snowman

Round Hat Snowman

Sheriff Snowman

Snoozing Snowman

 And here is the Bonus Block --
Earmuff Snowman

Again -- go to to get all of the blocks.  I will be posting finishing instructions for the the snowball sashing soon!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Longarm Information

Longarm University®

I've been working on improving my longarm skills and I found this fabulous website with LOADS of fantastic information.  Some have a reasonable price attached to them but some of them are FREE!  Free is always good.  I just registered for one of the FREE online video courses and I have already learned so much!  And I've only watched the first segment!  I'm currently taking the class entitled 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 5 Tassel Hat Snowman Block has arrived early!

Well, I've had a busy day.  Spent the day at work... yay!... at the quilt shop and had a wonderful day.  This Is Sew Broadway in Crookston is having their holiday open house this weekend.  Business was steady and even busy at times today which is always a good thing. 

It's going to be a busy weekend.  I don't have to work tomorrow but I'm going to the third session of my Bali Wedding Star class.  My homework is done and I'm excited to make more progress on this particular quilt.  This is the first quilt I've ever made from the very beginning to be MY quilt. 

Then I do work again on Sunday.  Hopefully it will be another busy day.  Since I'm going to be so busy this weekend, I decided to post the next snowman  block today.  Go to and download this cute little guy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Been out of touch!

Well, my computer got sick and I had to take it to my local computer wizard for healing.  I've been offline for 4 days!  I remember the day my husband carried his first computer into our home.  I gave him such a hard time... who needs something like that... what a waste of money... you'll never really use it...  Boy -- did I give him a rough time.  Little did I know just how much I would come to depend on a computer!  I'll have to apologize to him.  Anyway -- I'm back.  I'll have to get into my EQ7 and design something new.  I'll be posting it soon!