Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Join the Great Paper Piecing Project

As many of you know I've been working on Judy Neimeyer's Bali Wedding Star.  This is a paper piecing project extraordinaire!  I'm loving every minute of it but I have gotten feedback from several quilters in my world that they could NEVER do this.  Many of them have stayed completely away from paper piecing just because they don't  believe they can do it, so...

I have decided to start the Great Paper Piecing Project!  Over the course of this project, we will make 6" blocks of various designs.  We will start with a simple one and work our way up to a complex design.  You can make these blocks from your scrap bin so there will be no fabric cost involved.  There is only one item that you should purchase before starting on your own Great Paper Piecing Project -- Add-a-Quarter Ruler.

You can purchase this ruler in 6" and 12" lengths.  For the blocks in this project, the 6" size is sufficient but if you are going to make blocks larger than 6" after you become a paper piecing pro, you may want the larger size as well.  You will also need a piece of cardstock.  An old greeting card works great for this.  Judy Neimeyer turned me onto cutting a piece of template plastic to the size I need.

So gather those two items and join me as I provide step-by-step tutorials on paper piecing -- we're going to start simple... but you will be totally impressed with yourself as we progress to more complex blocks.

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