Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bed Skirts Comin' Up in the Create-a-Bed Sew Along

December 3rd and I have the pattern all worked out for the Bed Skirt. I called my daughter to see if she wanted them to be pink or white and she tells me that she really thinks I should save some money and buy them. You can buy a twin size bed skirt for about $13 at Amazon. Well -- I can't justify spending the money on fabric when the finished product is so reasonably priced! So, I ordered the bed skirts and I'm getting ready to move on to the quilts. Don't panic though... I'm still including the Bed Skirt pattern for those of you who want to make one.  Go to to find it.

I've chosen the fabrics for the quilts and shams.  I have a good supply of Beach House by Robyn Pandolph in my stash.  This is a soft, feminine fabric line without going completely pastel.  I think the quilts can be used for years and years with this fabric because it's not juvenile.  Now -- to decide on a quick, easy pattern that will let me get these quilts done in flash!

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