Sunday, December 4, 2011

Create-a-Bed SewAlong moving right along!

Bed Skirts are on their way.  Gotta love  I have moments though when I think I really should make them even though the cost to make them will be about triple (or more) than to make them.  It must be something about actually writing a pattern and then not getting to use it.  Oh well -- no time for regrets now.  I have quilts to get mede!

I have finished the pattern for my Twin Size Fat Quarter Quick Quilt.  It is made with 30 very simple blocks.  You will get two blocks from each fat quarter so gather 15 quarters and a little yardage for your borders and let's get started.  Here is the link to get to the pattern --
I think I can get the center of one quilt finished this afternoon.  Since I am making two, I plan to do all of my cutting at the same time so the second quilt will be a breeze.

The cutting and sewing are fast and simple.  The totally random placement of fabrics and blocks makes this a quilt top a no-brainer.

Join me and SewAlong!

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