Thursday, December 1, 2011

Create-a-Bed Commences!

The instructions for the Bed Skirt will be posted soon.  I have already shared a tutorial for French Seams which I will be using on my bed skirt just to give it that professional polish.  As I am working through the pattern though, I have encountered another technique that we, as quilters, do not use very often -- gathering.

This is a technique that is used often in garment sewing and I remember the headaches that I used to encounter.  The traditional method of gathering involved two stitched lines of basting that were pulled to gather fabric along the seams.  I can't tell you how many times I had those flimsy basting seams break on me and I had to start all over with the gathering. 

I now use a technique that is easier and much less frustrating.  It involves crochet thread but you can use just about any cording or string.  Here is a super tutorial that illustrates this technique --

You can use your favorite gathering technique when gathering your bed skirt, but this cord method is what I will be using!

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