Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bali Wedding Star Progress...

I started my Bali Wedding Star back in November when I took a 4 part class on it at This Is Sew Broadway in Crookston, MN.  It was a great class and I knew when I signed up for it that this was going to be a huge project.  The pattern is a 24 page book and the instructor provided lots of additional handouts to help us through the process.  Judy Neimeyer has a great process of putting things in bags that keeps them very organized.  A good thing too since there are LOTS of elements to this quilt -- the arcs, the melons with star points that are between the arcs, the points... I can't list them all here, but the list goes on and on. I ended up with 18 large ziplock bags with hundreds of units split between them.  It has taken me this whole month just to get all of the paper piecing completed.  Now I am ready to start assembling the quilt.  It is SOOOO exciting.  These pictures show a block in progress.  I love the beautiful points... thanks to paper piecing... and now that I have a handle on the color placement, I can really make some progress.  

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