Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Big Green Monster!

I got my new-to-me quilting machine just before Christmas.  It took a little while for my DH to get it all set up for me and even longer for me to figure out how it all works.  I've used some of the newer machines, but this gem is actually 18 years old.  I call it The Big Green Monster!monster 1
This machine has no computerization -- no stitch regulator and is totally quilter driven!  Prior to getting this setup, I was quilting on a Grace Pinnacle Frame with my Janome 6500P.  I also had the Grace Surestitch regulator.  It was actually a pretty sweet setup except for the lack of throat space.  Purchasing a new midarm or longarm was cost prohibitive for me so I started looking for a used machine and frame.  A quilting friend found this setup in a farming newspaper and got it for a song!  When she got it home, she decided that she didn't really have room for the 12' table so she sold it to me.  I've been practicing on it throughout the month of January and I've been running customer quilts on it for about 3 weeks now.  I love it!  I still yearn for an APQS longarm -- and someday I'll have it -- but for now The Big Green Monster has proven to me that I don't need all that technology to be a quilter.  My love and talent for this craft is really all I need.

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