Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper Piecing Fun!

This is my favorite paper piecing project ever!!!!
Yesterday I spent the afternoon teaching a friend to paper piece.  She did a great job and, even though she started out thinking that this was not such a great idea, she was zipping right along making her own blocks with no assistance from me by the end of the afternoon. 

I had a great time and decided it may be time share a few paper piecing tips with all my friends.  Click on this link -- Paper Piecing Tips -- to get some, you guessed it!, paper piecing tips.  I'm not sure where I got these tips.   I found them in my notebook and I have no idea who wrote them.  There is no author listed, but I have found the information invaluable when paper piecing.

I love paper piecing because it virtually guarantees that you get perfect points EVERY time!  Anyone who knows me can attest to how crazy I get about my points.  You can also construct complex patterns with ease using paper piecing.  The picture above is part of a windmill quilt that I made using paper piecing.
If you love my pinwheel quilt, email me at georgia@crazyladyquiltdesigns.com and I will email the paper pattern to you.

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