Monday, February 21, 2011

Virtual Shop Hop

I love a shop hop as much as any quilter -- maybe even more.  Unfortunately, we've had a seriously harsh winter up here in the great white north and people (including me) have been sticking a little closer to home.  Fortunately, that hasn't kept me from hopping around the quilt shops.  I have become a great fan of virtual shop hops... you know -- hopping and shopping around in cyberspace!  And you can win prizes without getting out of your pajamas!
I want to share two online shop hops that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  The first appeals to me on two levels -- my quilting passion and my love of mysteries.  Quilting is Murder can be found at and it consists of about a dozen shops -- referred to as Killer Quilt Shops. 
There are weekly deals on the websites and a clue is revealed to get you a super discount after visiting the shops.  Also revealed weekly is an installment to a quilting mystery.  There are weekly prizes and some fantastic grand prizes -- as in sewing machine, etc. --  The current shop hop is almost over so check it out soon!
quilting is murder    fabshopbunny
The other online shop hop that I enjoy is at and this is a HUGE hop.  There are over 100 shops participating and you go from shop to shop to find the FabShop bunny hopping around.  You can find super deals and get wonderful inspiration during this process.  This is a month-long hop and they have them several times throughout the year.  As you hop around, you will reveal the patterns to a complete quilt.  You can download the quilt pattern for use at your leisure.  The last one I did was a wonderful quilt with houses and other buildings that comprise a village.  The current patterns will make up a fantastic cupcake quilt.
So don't let the weather keep you from checking out the latest and greatest at the quilt shop.  You can do that from the comfort of your recliner with your laptop.

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